How Do Healthcare Companies Benefit from Outsourcing to a Trusted BPO Partner

Ajit Hirekar
3 min readNov 18, 2020


In this current phase of recovery, restructuring and re-growing, the healthcare industry has witnessed dynamic changes becoming more competitive and demanding day by day. As in any growth-oriented business, the experts in the Healthcare industry understand the importance given to cost reduction and profitability on all levels and in each process.

Not only has the healthcare industry seen a huge impact in terms of technological innovations, but logistics and delivery systems have also become more advanced due to the huge demand during the lockdown phase. The need to adapt, and fast, seems to be the go-to mantra for all successful healthcare businesses; both traditional and new age brands.

So how does one ensure that a brand adapts quickly to these changes while giving equal emphasis on profitability.

Healthcare companies in India are accelerating digital initiatives to overcome unexpected disruptions. Also, the general understanding is that if any non-core business process is nonproductive then the better option is to outsource that process to a trusted partner that specializes in ensuring better economic performance.

Below are a few reasons why healthcare companies should consider outsourcing to a trusted BPO Vendor:

Big boost to the adoption of e-pharmacies

Consumers are now drawn to convenience of getting medicines delivered at home through e-pharmacies, which was not the trend before. Preference for shopping for medicines through websites and apps is now on the rise. Also the government’s Jan Aushadhi Program is a necessary step towards providing inexpensive and quality medicines for all citizens.

Though the smartphone and internet usage is on the rise, rural India still needs to be made aware about the ease of use of these e-pharmacies. Rural India still prefers traditional setups as compared to the successful adoption of e-pharmacies in metros.

In order for this to change, the right BPO vendor can be trusted to handle the healthcare company’s brand and product, especially in the rural markets. While the company is focused on building strong logistics network in these regions, the BPO vendor can help in conveying and representing brand and products to the target audience with cost benefits and ease of use.

Trust-based relationships as opposed to transactional model:

Trust plays an important role when you are buying lifesaving medicines for your loved ones; either from an e-pharmacy or a traditional setup. Call center representatives are trained to be ambassadors of the healthcare brand and effort is focused on creating favorable customer experiences. Sharing awareness about the products, scheduling medicine delivery or ordering emergency drugs for critical illness are highly dependent on trust.

The right BPO vendor can engage and build trust with local customers where regional language plays an important role. Explaining the features about the app, availability of medicines and delivery dates in the customers own native language will definitely boost engagement and referrals.

Quicker Setups with Skilled Service Team

Sharing information on OTC medicines, precautions to be taken for certain dosages, and cheaper generic substitutes are some of the functions that help customers make informed decisions.

In order to ensure this is done properly, Call Center representatives are trained by expert trainers and skilled support staff. The use of latest technology and methods helps in improving the quality of service the end-customers receive.

And if the BPO vendor is already present in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where the market for outreach of healthcare programs and online ordering is still rising, this becomes a huge advantage in terms of infrastructure and manpower required.

Reduced Operational Cost and the impact on Profit

Outsourcing operations to a trusted vendor can impact positively on the heathcare company’s expenditure. Generally, calling processes that are run in house are far more expensive and outweigh any benefits in the long run. Core functions such as research, trials and ensuring that the product reaches that market faster must be given preference over non-core function of setting up a contact center.

A quality BPO vendor helps to provide non-core business processing services efficiently, that result in lower costs for any healthcare related process.

Would love to hear your thoughts on your experiences while engaging with a healthcare company during the lockdown phase.



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