How To Revisit Your Customer Experience Strategy Post COVID-19

  • Was your traditional BPO vendor able to help you with an easy transitioning of your call center operations.
  • Did the vendor help you with easy to use Work from Home solutions during the start of the lockdown phase.
  • Try and recall the issues you faced while setting this solution.
  • Are you able to access reports on real time basis for Agent Productivity Report, Wrap-up Time Limit and more help manage agent efficiency.
  • Can Admins track agent activity with remote access to systems.
  • Are they able to listen in on calls, whisper to agents, and jump in on conversations if needed?
  • Are you able to actively work on automations and workflows which help your agents to meet your goals?
  • Do you have the ability to broadcast important messages to one or more agents in real time and get visibility on who has acknowledged the message?



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Ajit Hirekar

Ajit Hirekar

DGM Sales at KocharTech. #Blogger, Coffee Addict & Pizza Fanatic. And Yes, I do my own stunts!