Is Your CX Strategy Ready for Permanent WFH?

Ever since Covid 19 has been declared a pandemic, businesses of all sizes and from all industries had to quickly adapt to meet the needs of the transforming customer behavior. The aim was to capitalize on the opportunities to show responsiveness to their customers on all platforms especially digital. Since digital customers need active digital engagement, most leading companies collaborated rapidly with trusted partners to replace and enhance traditional customer engagement models.

The next challenge was for enabling agents and employees to work from remote locations. Not only did Work From Home comply with WHO and government policies of social distancing but it also gave companies the opportunity to run their business and maintain proper customer support during the lockdown phase.

In a recent step that will definitely enhance and give more flexibility to the BPO sector, the government has eased the compliance requirements for companies that enabled work from home for its employees amid COVID 19 -lockdown. This has helped such companies to function beyond the traditional office premises and work from anywhere under the DoT guidelines. As per these new guidelines by the DoT, this move is bound to create an employee-friendly culture that suits the BPO industry and call center employees working from home (WFH) or working from anywhere ( WFN).

Though the removal of these stringent obligations will help India become one of the most desirable and competitive outsourcing destinations, establishing a WFH culture definitely needs certain key aspects in place to be successful.

The Work From Home Revolution Is Here To Stay

As Work From home becomes the long term alternative, Organizations must opt for resilient and secure software solutions that will make the WFH model effortless and result-oriented. It is equally crucial to monitor employee performance virtually to boost their performance levels.

This solution must also ensure business continuity and support seamless customer experience despite the call agents working remotely.

A New Approach to Managing your Remote Workforce

An effective work from home solution also helps managers and team leaders to help agents on complex customer queries or help new joinees during their training. Network health checks and monitoring agent’s battery status can prevent any disruption during important customer interactions. Instilling accountability while keeping the focus on ROI and employee performance is now possible with advanced reporting and analytics.

Another critical factor is data security that can be addressed by work from home solutions. While active supervision can help in monitoring employee behavior, data can be further safeguarded by using features such as:

  • AI based two-factor user authentication
  • Website whitelisting for complete data security
  • Disabling copy-paste of data by restricting certain key combinations
  • Customized mode to prevent agent access of certain resources that may hamper data security
  • Screengrabs and agent activity captured at frequent intervals
  • System lockdown in case of suspicious activity on the user device

Preparing for the Future

Moreover, Leap is designed to recreate a BPO like environment within an Internet enabled setup to enable and enhance seamless customer support.

Would like to know about your experience transitioning to permanent WFH challenges.

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